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Obesity in both men and women can cause multiple illnesses including heart disease and cancer. Few people, however, think of skin problems when it comes to obesity. Obesity results in extra folds of skin that may be difficult to disinfect and keep clean. That in turn can make the skin an ideal host for bacteria and fungi. Resistances to insulin as well as vein problems are two other issues that result from obesity which can affect the skin negatively.

Obese people tend to develop a skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans, a skin disorder that results in brown and black spots. This is mainly due to the increased insulin levels. The discoloration normally appears under the arms, on the neck and sometimes in the groin area.

Another skin condition related to obesity is folliculitis. It is normally due to small whiteheads around one or more of the hair follicles on the skin. Obese people are at risk for folliculitis because the extra weight puts added pressure on the hair follicles, which can damage them and allow infection to occur.

Skin tags are yet another skin problem resulting from obesity. Skin can grow and stick out and may be connected with a narrow stock. Skin tags are benign and usually do not cause any pain. They are, however, more common in overweight people because the extra weight causes friction between the affected areas of skin.

One obvious and major issue of the skin related to being overweight is cellulite. Cellulitis is not only a cosmetic issue that causes undesirable stretch marks. It also causes infection of the skin that is caused by bacteria. Cellulitis can cause chronic pain and tenderness in the affected area, as well as excessive sweating and muscle aches.

Few people know that Obesity can be the cause of enlarged varicose veins. These veins will be raised above the skin’s surface. They are more common on the inside of the legs and backs of the calves. If the valves of a vein are weak due to obesity, blood leaks back into the vein and collects in a pool. The pooling of blood in the vein causes the vein to become enlarged. Not only varicose veins are aesthetically undesirable, they can also cause other vascular health problems.

In summary, if you are suffering from weight problems, you most likely have skin problems as well. While major health concerns such as cardio and heart problems should top your agenda, it is highly recommended that you also seek help from your local dermatologist or skin clinic to address any skin issues. A healthy lifestyle comprised of a balanced diet and exercise should lead to weight loss and in turn reverse some of the skin problems.

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