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What Happens to the Skin as we Age

In Your 20s: The skin starts to settle down after the hormone upheaval of the teenage years, although oil (sebum) production may still be high. You may still suffer from spots in your early 20s, but towards your mid 20s your skin will show the first signs of dryness. Dryness is a mixed blessing, on one hand it reduces the risk of spots, acne and blackheads, but on the other hand it promotes the first fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

In Your 30s: Collagen and elastin levels in the skin tissue start to break down and the skin becomes thinner and less plump. Complexion tends to become dryer, and many women report problems with sensitive skin. Age spots on the hands and broken capillaries on the cheeks may start to appear. Skin pores become larger due to sun damage. Skin under the eyes becomes more delicate – eye puffiness in the morning takes increasingly longer to subside.

In Your 40s: Lines around the eyes and mouth deepen, and a furrow can appear on the forehead. The skin is losing its bounce-back factor due to loss of elastin. While skin becomes increasingly drier, some women experience menopause skin problems – namely more sensitive skin, with the occasional outbreak of adult acne. These temporary problems are probably linked to declining levels of estrogen.

In Your 50s and 60s: In your 50s skin tone is likely to become increasingly rougher, with an increase in number of sun spots (large freckles). Wrinkles and fine lines will have ‘settled’ so the skin acquires true character. In your 60s, the jaw and eye lid may start to sag and droop, an effect of a lifetime of exposure to gravity.

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