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Med Spa Treatments For Ethnic Skin Seattle

Skin Characteristics – African
Late Signs of Aging
Minimal Fine Wrinkles
Possible Formation of Keloids
Pigmentation Changes Occur
Thicker Cartilage Hard to Change
Skin Cancers Very Rare

Skin Characteristics – Asian
Late Signs of Aging
Rare Fine Wrinkles
Common Pigmentation Changes
Eyelid Surgery Difficult
Skin Cancers Very Rare

Skin Characteristics – Anglo-Saxon
Fair, Dry Thin Skin
Scars Heal Well
Early Signs of Aging
Burn Easily in the Sun
Bruising more Obvious
Higher Chance Skin Cancer
Skin Characteristics – Southern Mediterranean
Oily, Olive, Dark Complexion
Later Signs of Aging
Cartilage Tends to Droop
Darker, Thicker Scars Common
Wrinkles Later and More Localized
Skin Cancer Rare

Skin Characteristics – Northern European / German, Scandinavian
Fair, Blue-Eyed, Blonde
Thin skin
Scars Heal Well
Early Aging Signs
Bruising More Obvious
Greater Chance of Skin Cancer
Skin Characteristics – Northern European/Irish, Northern England
Ruddy Freckled Complexion
Red Hair
Scars Usually Thin
Later Aging Signs
Bruises Easily
Pigmentation Problems
Skin Cancers Most Common

Skin Characteristics – Southern European
Dark, Oily Brunette Complexion
Later Aging Signs
Fine Wrinkles Less Common
Bruising Lasts Longer
Scars may be Thicker and Darker
Skin Cancers Less Common

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